About US

The Digital Ladder, was founded in September 2019 with aspirations of becoming a leading end to end digital marketing and production company.

Jessie Hawkes is the Creative Director of the brand and is most recognised for her smooth hand-held filmmaking work, passion for cinematography and extensive knowledge in digital marketing. With 9 years industry experience, Jessie initially fell in love with entertainment while studying Performing Arts at college. In the summer of 2011, she went on to work at Camp America and became increasingly captivated by working in film production, gaining experience in directing. Whilst studying filmmaking and creative media at University, Jessie transitioned into working behind the camera. Her passion is evident throughout her portfolio work, which also reveals her incredible attention to detail, as well as her fascination with the art and science behind the camera.

Despite a wealth of experience, Jessie remains humble and respectful of other’s ideas, constantly looking to enhance her own skillset. Her relentless analysis of film shots enables an understanding of how fellow professionals showcase their fortes when telling a story through camera movement. Jessie is also proficient in digital marketing and worked at the Grand Pier in Weston-super-Mare for a year, where Director Michelle Michael, now Director of The Digital Ladder, noticed her undeniable talent. Through a thriving professional relationship, Michelle and Jessie recognised their mutual business interests and aspirations, thus leading to the creation of The Digital Ladder. Michelle is a qualified commercial lawyer, with twenty-five years of vast experience, making her an invaluable asset to the company.

The partnership has seen the business flourish in recent years, with Michelle’s business acumen helping create a positive team dynamic, which has enabled the pursuit of delivering her philosophy, ‘Promise good, deliver great’. Together, they have grown The Digital Ladder into a prominent business that both are proud of, an accolade derived from their desire to be the best in the industry.